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{Tuesday, January 04, 2005 . I H8 SKOOL}

I used to be such a studious little thing. I used to read at every opportunity. I used to stay up late to read books I didn't have to read for school. That's all over with. Now, I'm a big fat slacker.

I did do my English homework last night. Well, most of it. I read A Doll's House and enjoyed it very much. But I can't bring myself to do my Spanish homework, even though I love the Spanish language and desperately want to become fluent. I also love music and desperately want to be a good musician, but I can't bring myself to practice my horn. Although, well, I'll probably do that now since I have an audition in two and a half weeks that will likely determine the course of the next four+ years of my life. But the point is: I'm a big fat slacker.

I have this class where I sit in a practice room for an hour and a half and analyze concert band scores/try to figure out how to conduct them/listen to music (often - but not always - the music I'm studying), but I rarely take advantage of it. Usually, I work on my English homework. Or my speeches. But I LOVE music. I even like music theory. I even like what most people consider THE MOST BORING ASPECT OF MUSIC. But I'm a big fat slacker.

So right now I have two hours until I have to be at show choir rehearsal. I haven't learned my music. I can't remember the dance. I have and act of Othello to read, a skit to write for Spanish, a one-act play to write for the freshman/sophomore play, a speech to edit and memorize, and an intensely important audition to prepare for. And what am I doing? That's right baby: I'm blogging. Well, I'll probably practice a little. But I won't do much of anything else. Because I'm a big fat slacker.

But I paid Alex Kaleel $2 to raise his hand in band and tell the whole class that we played Boggle with Mrs. Pappas and "she said 'lube'". That certainly made me happy.

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