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{Tuesday, February 28, 2006 . car ride conversions}

I am a pedophile, and my boyfriend is in driver's ed.

My boyfriend is Jewish/atheist.

His driver's ed instructor is a Christian minister.

So when this instructor has Ethan trapped in a car for relatively long periods of time, he takes the opportunity to oh-so-subtly suggest that he should become a Christian.

Here's a sample of a conversation:

DEI: So, what church does your family go to?

BF: Actually, my family is Jewish; we go to Temple Beth Israel.

DEI: Oh, wow. Jewish. That's really great, you know? I mean, there were so many great Jews. Like Moses. He was really great. And Abraham, and Issac. Man, they were great people. You know ... Jesus was a Jew.

Fast forward.

DEI: Jesus was such a great guy. You know why he was such a great guy?

BF: Why was he such a great guy?

DEI: Because he never lied. Jesus sais, "I am what I am." And that wasn't a lie.

Fast forward.

DEI: Jesus really backed up his claims. He had a really legitimate claim to be the son of God. Now, Ethan, if I said to you that I am the son of God, you would know I was lying. Right?

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{Thursday, February 16, 2006 . he shot a man}

Did anyone else laugh hysterically when they found out about Cheney shooting a guy?

I think that Cheney was trying to intimidate his opponents: See? This is what happens when you cross Dick Cheney.

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{Wednesday, February 15, 2006 . tardy tardy}

I have this wierd thing where I am actually INCAPABLE of being on time for anything. If I've got ten minutes until I have to be at class, for example, instead of just heading out and being a couple minutes early, I'll check my e-mail instead and make myself two minutes late. This is getting me into trouble with my piano TA, who actually counts tardies and is going to start taking off points from my final grade every time I am tardy in the future.

I have to be at the student center, which is all the way across campus, twenty minutes from RIGHT this second, and yet I am choosing RIGHT NOW to update my blog.

This morning, I didn't do my hair or makeup and I didn't eat breakfast, so I had ample opportunity to be on time for my 8:00 class. Instead, I went a little out of my way to pick up some tea from a coffee shop that is a block away from both my dorm and the building where my piano class is. I wound up about THIRTY SECONDS late.

Luckily, she wasn't counting tardies. Yet.

I don't know what is wrong with me. It's like a compulsion. Deep down, I live in mortal fear of being on time for anything.

I gotta go.

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{Sunday, February 12, 2006 . impulsive}

I made an impulsive decision on Friday night.

This weekend was supposed to be the first weekend I've spent at school without any obligations. After about one evening of that, I had had more than enough.

So late on Friday night, I called up Diana and asked what she was doing.

Since I made my train reservations at the ABSOLUTE last minute, it wound up being $66 round-trip for a trip to Chicago, but it was well worth it. Best time ever.

See the buzznet for pics.

I'll update more often and interestingly. I promise.

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{Tuesday, February 07, 2006 . happy birthday to me}

It's everybody's birthday these days.

So this is my post about how 19 is a wierd age and nothing exiting and new happens when you're 19, except for here in Chapaign you can get into bars when you're 19. That's moderately exiting, but I don't think I'll be going to any bars anytime soon.

I went home over the weekend and ate at the Chicago Diner with my mom and watched Amelie with Ethan and had birthday lunch with my grandparents and uncle and cousin. My mom is coming to visit me at school today, even though I said she didn't have to. She wants to have something to do.

I'm staying at school this weekend. Or, well, trying to. This will be the first weekend I've stayed at school even though I didn't have to. We'll see if my will breaks and I buy a train ticket at the last minute.

My mom got me freaking sweet new earphones for my iPod. They're the outside-of-the-ear kind, but they're really small, and the two ear things aren't connected by anything but a cord - which is retractable. And they sound way better than the cheap iPod earphones. I was using those for about two weeks before something went wrong with them and the left channel became significantly louder than the right. Plus, I had to listen to them so quietly that I could barely hear anything, because if I turned them up to a normal volume they would go all fuzzy. Fuck that.

My roommate tells me that last night in my sleep I gasped and said, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God." I can't remember what I was dreaming about.

I used to have all kinds of sleep issues. When I was little, I could never sleep because I never did anything so I was never tired, and I could never stop thinking. I would lie in bed for two or three hours before I finally went to sleep. When I did go to sleep, I would toss and turn all night, and sometimes I would sleepwalk. Once I woke up with no covers or pillows because I had moved them all to the bathroom in my sleep. Once I gave my mother a gift of a pillow when I was sleepwalking. Once I went to sleep on the top bunk and woke up on the bottom one. That was the last time I slept on the top bunk.

I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have class during lunch, and I never have the foresight to pack something. I have tons of cooking stuff and nothing to cook.

Feh. Maybe I'll buy a train ticket home this weekend.

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{Wednesday, February 01, 2006 . i don't care for computer science people}

During my computer science lecture today (which is physically painful to sit through, btw), my professor drew some analogy between the method of writing a program and the method of writing a term paper, something about sketching out the basic gist of it, them going in and fleshing it out, etc.

Then he said, in a somewhat ambiguous tone, "I'm sure we would ALL much rather write a program than a term paper." So I laughed. I laughed at the idea that someone would rather type a bunch of gibberish into a computer than communicate their own, human ideas in the King's English.

EVERYBODY STARED AT ME. And I realized that, actually, most of these people seriously would prefer writing a program over writing a paper. The prof hadn't been joking.

It was like being in the twilight zone.

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